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I’m Bob, and I’ve spent over a decade of my life deep in the gambling industry, at both sides of the table. I’ve worked as a dealer for every single table game imaginable at brick and mortar casinos in Canada and the USA. This way, I got the inside scoop on everything that happens behind the scenes and in the making of live casinos.

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As someone who has spent much of his adult life working as a dealer and live dealer, managing live dealer games and playing casino games with real dealers in person and online, I can tell you that some live casino games perfectly immerse you in the game as though you were there in person. But there are also mediocre live casino games out there that just don’t live up to the standards that we, the players of Canada, deserve.

So, with my experience combined with my perfectionist attitude, I’ve forged my very own website. Here, I give everyone in Canada the inside scoop on live dealer casinos. I’m an expert in all areas of the field, and my website, Bob Dealer, aims to be Canada’s leading live dealer gambling site. The website provides you with up to date, accurate information on everything live casino. This includes innovations in the field on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Reviewed by Bob, played by Canadian players

I want to give you the best chance of being able to play and win at the best live casinos. So, I’ve compiled a strong roster of comprehensive online casino reviews. They dig deep into the casino’s offering with an enhanced focus on their live dealer games. My extensive research and stringent criteria have enabled me to narrow down the best live dealer casinos to play and win at in Canada.

While my focus is on the quality of the live casino games and the range of live dealer games, I review all aspects of the casino. As a proud Canadian, I know exactly what to look for. I know the most popular games in Canada and seek out Canada-specific options that meet our expectations and demands.

My recommended casinos are reviewed based on their offering to Canadian players. As I have learned, some online casinos have a reduced offering in some markets. So, you can trust that when I say that a casino is great, it’s great for the players of Canada.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy the Bob Dealer website!

Bob Dealer is a complete online casino resource for the players of Canada. The website especially adheres to those looking to enjoy live dealer games. The website boasts reviews, beginner guides, strategy articles, and much more!

I’ve created this website to be Canada’s go-to resource for live dealer casinos and live dealer games. When sharing my insider information and keen insights with you, I have made sure the guides suit the beginners and pro gamers of Canada alike. I really hope that this will bring about a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

This site is free to use, so make the most of all my knowledge and keep coming back. I’ll continue to update strategies, news, reviews, the best offers and more in the future. Welcome, and good luck!