Live Dealer Casino Reviews

If you’re looking for the best live dealer casinos in Canada, you’ve come to the right place.

Using my expertise in live casino games and online casinos, I’ve searched the internet for the best live dealer casinos. Below, you’ll find the list of casinos that I think are the best on offer and feature live casino games for Canadian players. I pride myself on being a perfectionist, and this is how I judge online casinos.

My trusted live dealer casinos for Canadians

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In my travels across the internet, those sites stood out as the most impressive to me. The reviews detail the different reasons why they make it to my list of top live dealer casinos.

In my experience of many roles in the industry, I’ve learned that every player is different. So, each casino above will appeal to a different type of player. But, if it’s big casino bonuses that you’re looking for, I’ve added details about them as well.

How do I review these casinos?

It’s important to see that I have done these reviews for players in Canada. It’s because online casinos offer different games in different countries. Some countries can get Evolution Gaming live games, whereas some others can’t. I also find that not all casinos have options for the great players of Canada, like payment options and bonuses. I don’t want any of my countrymen and women missing out by signing up for a casino that isn’t Canada-friendly.

I’m very proud of the review system that I made. I think that it covers all bases with a focus on the two most important aspects: if it’s Canadian-friendly, and the selection of live dealer games. Here is what I focus on when reviewing these live dealer casinos:

  • Are they Canadian-friendly for payment options, support, and access?
  • Does the casino offer a good range of high-quality live casino games?
  • Who provides the live casino games (software providers)?
  • Can you play at the casino on tablets and phones?
  • What is their selection of other games like?
  • Is the casino safe?

Every live dealer casino is different, so I wanted to bring you many reviews and options to choose from. I’ve made it quick and easy for you to find an enjoyable and safe place to play.

What are you waiting for? Check out the reviews and find your new favourite casino now!

How to find the best live dealer casinos for you?

I can only do so much and can’t pick the best live dealer casino for you. Everyone has their own specific tastes. This is why I’ve made so many in-depth reviews for you. I’ve done the research and laid out the facts so that my fellow Canadians can make an informed choice. But, I can help you discover what you’re looking for in a casino.

You will want to:

  • Check out the website and see if you like its overall look and feel.
  • See if they have customer support which suits you.
  • Have a look at their whole game offering and if they have your favourites.
  • Make sure they offer a good mobile-friendly site or app.
  • Read my review to get the full picture.

Everything I’ve listed there can be found out in my reviews. But, once you’re done reading, it is always worth having a few clicks around the website to be sure that it suits you. I want you to have the best experience possible, so make sure you’ve checked out all of your options first.

Bob, out

You’ve heard enough from me now. Scroll up and check out the reviews for the best live dealer casinos in Canada and have yourself a good time!